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Zeitgeist movement link. The movie ends with the link to the web site displayed on screen (around ), and an encouragement to visit the Venus Project, and all profits from the Zeitgeist: Addendum DVD sales were donated to the Venus Project. The is stated on the official movie web site as well as linked in the movie. Zeitgeist: Addendum () features former "Economic Hit-Man" and New York Times bestselling author, John Perkins, along with The Venus Project, an organization for social redesign created by Industrial Designer Jacque Fresco. Broken into four chapters, the 1st explains "Fractional Reserve Banking" and how Debt and Bankruptcy are inevitable realities. Zeitgeist: Addendum subtitles. AKA: Zeitgeist [Edited by VeRdiKT], Zeitgeist - The Movie 2. Zeitgeist: Addendum premiered at the 5th Annual Artivist Film Festival. Director Peter Joseph stated: "The failure of our world to resolve the issues of war, poverty, and corruption, rests within a gross ignorance about what guides human behavior to begin with/10(K).

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If anyone feels unsure what to do, hit me up in Skype or a forum PM and I will do my best to help .. [Faroese Translation] Zeitgeist: Addendum [Final review/ proofreading needed] . Benvenuto nella sezione del forum dedicata all'italiano. Zeitgeist Moving Forward - documentary about world debt, the decay of society and how Temple of Damanhur | Atlas Obscura Ancient Artifacts, Italian Man, Turin Italy, The .. Outlook, Office, Skype, Bing, Breaking News, and Latest Videos. Jan 23, · The Choice is Ours () Official Voyage Voyage Xx II - Pas (Full Documentary) - Duration: Zeitgeist Movement and Mi Truth Revealed with Si Si -. Jan Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (pol. Duch Epoki: Idąc Naprzód) – trzeci z kolei film z cyklu "Zeitgeist", stworzony przez amerykańskiego reżysera Petera Josepha. So I watched Peter Joseph's part from his #ZDAY Skype Lecture/Q&A and it was . with Jiddu Krishnamurti and he's in #Zeitgeist: Addendum saying something.

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