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What are some phrases like "after a while, crocodile"? Update Cancel. No Answers Yet. Answer Wiki. Related Questions. What does "in a while crocodile" mean? What are some variations of the "See you later, alligator; After a while, crocodile" sayings? Can we call him as an "understandable person"? reply to 'see you later alligator'. Some one incorrectly responds to the phrase "see you later alligator" by saying "in a while crocodile" when they should have actually responded by saying "after while crocodile.". Dec 05,  · Answer Wiki. It was “cool” to do so and people spent their days trying to come up with cooler and more innovative ways to make responses that rhymed. These two phrases were a part of a song and many people still quote them even today because for some people it is easier to remember a rhyme as a mnemonic device.

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5 days ago You may remember me from the previous sentence. solemel.com . In a while , crocodile! Until we . Don't call me, I'll call you back, Affleck. “You mean the kind that goes ticktock, ticktock all day long?” asks Hook. You can have it!” Brrriinnnng! The alarm goes off. “Thank you,” calls Jake. “Don't. reply to 'see you later alligator'. Saying "after a while crocodile" is lame and incorrect and anyone who says it is shiesty. Doug: "I've gotta go take a shit. It became famous in the 's when it was used Enter a name, wait 7 seconds, brace yourself (this is addicting). This new search engine Instead of saying goodbye, one person say "See you later aligator" and the other replies "in a while crocodile". . About · Careers · Privacy · Terms · Contact. see you in a while crocodile sayings - Google Search. Nerdy Fact-- you can call the number on Lucy from Despicable card get a voicemail, etc. It's true-I've.

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