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May 20,  · Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Bjork, the Backstreet Boys, Tupac, and Queen all predicted the future in their music videos. How did they do? Mar 18,  · Michael Jackson's music videos broke nearly as much ground as his music. Working with some of the top talent from the world of TV and movies, Michael Jackson created a long string of classics from "Billie Jean" to "Black or White" and beyond. One of the choreographers of the video also danced in Jackson's "Beat It" music video. When Jackson found a dancer who got it, he kept that person around. Michael Jackson Dance Moves The Robot.

• Space dance michael jackson music videos •

Michael Jackson's 20 Greatest Videos: The Stories Behind the Vision "It was easier just to play the music and let them go – either dance or play . take the video and play it in reverse, it starts from the planet out in space and.

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Michael Jackson - Thriller (Official Music Video)

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