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LaTeX/Installing Extra Packages. A package is a file or collection of files containing extra LaTeX commands and programming which add new styling features or modify those already existing. There are two main file types: class files extension, and style files extension. There may be ancillary files as well. J'utilise Kubuntu (le hérisson blanc) et il semble que ma distribution LaTeX ne veut pas entendre parler de \usepackage[latin1]{inputenc}: mes é, à, ê deviennent des genres de ˜A et autres. You need inputenc to specify the character encoding used in your input file if it is not ascii. So latin1 (or more general and modern, utf8). fontenc specifies the encoding used in the fonts. this is (more or less) independent of the input encoding. Classical TeX uses Tex-specific font encodings such as "T1" for 8-bit fonts suitable for "latin1" languages.

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The package translates various standard and other input encodings into a The package is part of the LaTeX distribution. Contained in, TeX Live as latex. Open an example of the babel package in ShareLaTeX GNU/Linux & Unix-like (*BSD, Mac OS X), latin1, latin2, koi8-ru. Recommended for all systems, utf8. I'm also using \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} in my LaTeX sources and by storing of utf support on windows, but any reasonable editor on linux should be fine). my TeXworks installation does not offer Latin 1 encoding as an optional ¹ System: openSUSE (Linux ), TeX Live (vanilla). I don't know which distribution or latex editor i do use, since i've installed on my ubuntu operating system the whole latex package in command.

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