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D C# Gave my heart to you oh D C# It's such a crime D You know it's true (D C#) (F#m C C#) F#m Gonna call the president Gonna call myself a private eye F#m Gonna get the IRS Gonna get the FBI F#m Gonna make this a federal case Gonna wave it right down in your face F#m Read it baby with your morning news With a sweet hangover And the headlines. Feb 17,  · Strumming. [Chorus] G5 A5 Gonna call the President A#5 C5 Gonna call a Private Eye G5 A5 Gonna get the IRS A#5 C5 Gonna need the FBI [Post-Chorus] D#5 D5 There's not anymore /5(4). Guns N' Roses Irs lyrics & video: Love, is it true What they say of you? Gonna call the president Gonna call a private eye Gonna get the IRS Gonna need the FBI There's not any 10/10(1).

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View concert statistics of I.R.S. by Guns N' Roses played live. Check out who covered the song and in which years it was played and how often!. "I.R.S." is the eleventh song on Guns N' Roses' album Chinese Democracy. It was notably the first song on the album to leak to the public. "I.R.S." made its. Chinese Democracy is the sixth studio album by American hard rock band Guns N' Roses. "I.R.S." has Rose singing "Gonna call the president / Gonna call myself a private eye / Gonna need the IRS / Gonna get the FBI" over a guitar heavy. Letra e música de “I.R.S.“ de Guns N' Roses. Gonna get the I.R.S.. Gonna need the F.B.I.. There's not anymore that I can do. All the reasons that you give. Lyrics to "I.R.S." song by Guns N' Roses: Ah, ah Is it true What they Say of You Gonna call the president Gonna call a private eye.

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Guns N Roses - I.R.S.

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