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Mar 11,  · Custom Games API: Added GetDedicatedServerKeyV2 which utilizes a new approach for securing/generating the keys. Any custom game that relies on GetDedicatedServerKey to communicate with its backend will want to switch to the V2 version as soon as possible. Home» Utilities» DotA - DotA c Changelogs. DotA - DotA c Changelogs DotA c Changelogs: Fixed a gold exploit that was possible with Wards. DotA b Changelogs: Fixed some bugs with Wards - Fixed Netherstrike retaining vision if the enemy has Linken's Sphere. Dec 11,  · Dota 2 Version is Officially Out See Change Log / Patch Notes Written by Erwin Bantilan After the end of match in Dota 2 Boston Major and announced the champion in the tournament, Dota 2 has last exciting announcement for everyone today the released of its new version of the Dota 2 the version that will feature major upgrade including new characters, visual upgrades and gui Author: Erwin Bantilan.

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Changelog of DotA Allstars changes. Insatiable Hunger lifesteal rescaled from 60/80/ to 60/90/ Reality Rift now applies a -3/4/5/6 armor debuff on. Dota 2 patch continues series of pre-International balance tweaks patch notes for all the details on what's getting changed this time around! Armor to +6 ; Level 20 Talent reduced from + Wild Axes Damage to + Drum of Endurance: Passive changed from a 6% movement speed Ancient Apparition: Ice Vortex manacost reduced from 65/80/95/ to. Unstable Concoction no longer continues to get stronger while it is in the air .. Gameplay Update · Version Changelog. Retrieved. Here you can get the Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne ++ Dota Map Download ++ For Free, all Hero and Item Changes of Slark, Treant and more!.

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DOTA 2 Patch 6.81 Changelog Analysis

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