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Mar 10,  · For modem I would stick with the Motorola SB or Zoom J (the J is important). These two modems work well on Comcast, while other modems like the moto SB have had constant issues. For router we would need to know budget and . Hi everyone, I have Comcast Gigabit internet and I am completely satisfied with the download speeds. But, upload is also important to me as I. This is consistent with test conducted in the past; the upload is always faster than the download. Isn't it usually vice-versa? In the past, I received download speeds upwards of 30Mbps, and the upload speed was above 10Mbps; but again, the download speed was always faster than the upload. Finally, I .

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Your computer's network card is almost always the fastest of these three components, In daily Internet use, most people download more than they upload In this case, constant uploading will take up a portion of your overall [ Does Comcast Internet Speed Fluctuate] | Why Does Comcast Internet Speed Fluctuate?. This is consistent with test conducted in the past; the upload is always faster Why are my upload speeds faster than my download speeds?. Because of the super-fast Internet speeds of today I can pull up that little .. And it's really weird that your upload speed is faster than your download speed. .. We changed from Comcast to century net DSL. I have been having problems and testing all my devices constantly for the last couple of weeks!. Internet Plan, Download Speed, Upload Speed, Download a 4GB HD Movie All services through Xfinity from Comcast come with Constant Guard which helps. Is Comcast Xfinity better than AT&T U-verse? Fiber is great for reliable speeds as well as upload speeds that match your download speed.

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Comcast/Xfinity Gigabit Home Internet Speed Test & Review!

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