Alom commands in solaris 10

Hello forum, I have a SUN v at home that I have to practice Solaris. I currently have Solaris 9 installed and the ALOM Sun(tm) Advanced Lights Out Manager From the ALOM I want to access the | The UNIX and Linux Forums. Overview of the ALOM Command Shell. The ALOM command shell is a simple command-line interface (CLI). Through the ALOM command shell, you can administer, diagnose, or control the host server, and you can configure and manage ALOM. You are in the ALOM command . Most Commonly used ILOM commands (Cheat Sheet) By admin Integrated Lights-out Manager (ILOM) helps to manage and troubleshoot the complete hardware of a server.

• Alom commands in solaris 10 •

Solaris Sparc Server Consoles using ALOM Commands. ALOM (Advanced Lights Out Manager System Controller) only on SUN Sparc system. Hi, I connected to ALOM on V installed with Solaris console -f does With this setup the console command serves no purpose and in. You are in the ALOM command shell when you see the sc> prompt. . the poweroff and poweron commands or the reset command within 10 minutes, the host server . Goes immediately to the Solaris OS console upon command completion. Solaris ILOM / ALOM Cheat Sheet ILOM ALOM CMT Command Comparison ALOM: ILOM: setdate set /SP/clock datetime=value value format. Sun, Sun Microsystems, the Sun logo, Java, Netra, Solaris, Sun StorEdge, docs., . Overview of the ALOM CMT Command Shell ▽ .. Advanced Lights Out Management (ALOM) CMT v Guide • April

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